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 گزیده های مقالات فرهنگی فلسفی




 I, Dr. Rahmat Rabi Zirakyar, received the account below (in the national language of Afghanistan Pashto) on December 12, 2010. From the pain he is expressing in his letter, its author is obviously a Pashtun parliamentarian in Afghanistan. My concern for his safety does not allow me to reveal his name.  Dr. Rahmat Rabi  Zirakyar, U.S.A.          December 13, 2010.       zirakyar1234@yahoo.com 

  Respected….! I wish you long life to help your Afghan brothers in need.

Manawi [Head of the election commission] did what Rabani, Fahim, Abdullah and Qanooni had planed, and he surpassed their predecessor [Ahmad Shah] Massoud. They enjoyed Iranian support on the international level.  Before the elections, they manage to control the Ministry of Interior, and they deteriorated the security situation in regions where Pashtuns and the Persian-speaking Afghans live together. Manawi went on   tours  of  those provinces and realigned his plans with Besmellah.  Together, they did three things:  First, they forged a plan to reduce   the number of Pashtuns in the lower house of Parliament, the House of Representatives.  Second, they reduced the number of the members of Afghan Social-Democratic Party (Afghan Mellatyans) and of Islamic Party [of Hekmatyar’s Hezb-e Islami].  Third, they prepared the groundwork for the hard-core Setamies [Persian-speaking anti-Pashtun elements-- usually supported by former Soviet Union/current Russia, as well as Iran].

 Despite all the threats and dangers, a number of Pashtuns voted with great courage for their candidates. Shamelessly, votes for those Pashtun candidates  in Konduz, Hearat,Balkh, Ghazni and in some other provinces were declared null and void.

Finally through ridiculous complaints, a handful of successful Pashtun candidates were also declared failed. Manawi and his masters want to change the political system in Afghanistan and its ConstitutionPeople like Latin Pedram and Hafiz Mansur were sent to the Parliament. They want federalism.  By trying to own two-third seats in the parliament, they would try – in the event of the president’s non-approval - to bring changes in the Constitution and establish federal system in Afghanistan…. They also would attempt – with a two-third majority in the House of Representatives – to introduce “melli sarod” (national anthem) and national terminology in Persian. On December 12, 2010 Manawi openly protested that they will not let these elections to be re-run. He threatened that the dire consequences for doing so will lead to a new rebellion in the country and the responsibility will be on the shoulders of those who make such attempt.    It  is quite obvious that they have strong support behind them.

Today, the solution to the problem is this one: Election results in some of the places such as Ghazni, Heart, Konduz ,Kabul, Balkh and some other controversial provinces shall be declared null and void, and perhaps members of the previous parliament could continue until grounds are prepared for a re-run of the elections. The country could face dire situation if Pashtuns are ignored and not offered their fair share in the election. This is not a simple but a serious problem which could give rise to the failure [of the mission] of the International  Community and could lead to the emergence  of even more painful catastrophe in Afghanistan.

 This is the voice of the oppressed Pashtunns. It shall be reflected in the world’s mass media  and it is hoped the world listens to it.

 In hope of a united and developed Afghanistan!

 سلامونه احترامات او نیکی هیلی...سیب! تر ډیره راته ژوندی اوسی تر څود افغانستان او اصیلو افغانانو په درد وخورئ.... معنوی څوک چه د ربانی، فهیم، عبدالله، قانونی او خلیلی په اشاره راڅرخیده هغه څه وکړل کوم چه د دوی سلف مسعود هم نه ووکړی. دوی ته په نړیواله کچه د ایران او روسیی مرسته حاصله وه....

د یو موټی او ودان افغانستان په هیله

رفقا، دوستان عزیزتارنمای وطندار !  لطفاً نظرات، پیشنهادات، انتقادات، مقاله ها، نوشته ها، مضامین و مطالب علمی و تحلیلی خود را جهتِ نشر به ادرس پوست الکترونیکی سایت بفرستید