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 گزیده های مقالات فرهنگی فلسفی


I   n condemnation of the regime of torture and execution in Iran!

In condemnation of the regime of torture and execution in Iran! 

Iranian people continue to protest against the Islamic Republic - a dictatorial and repressive regime, a regime, which in thirty two years of its rule has not respected the basic rights of the people of Iran while responding to any protest with bullets, torture, executions and imprisonment.  To cover up the massive financial pressure imposed on ordinary people by eliminating subsidies on a number of essential goods and services, the regime continues to arrest, torture, prolonged imprisonment and eventually ever more execution of young generation of this land either political or non-political. According to official statistics, more than 50 human lives have been perished last month by the death squads.  The Islamic Republic that is itself a big part of  financial corruption and crimes  wouldn’t deal with the robbers of public resources and assets.  It is the ordinary oppressed people and community who pay over all this  economic and political chaos and are sent to the prison and death rows.   

Iranian people have rejected the whole Islamic regime many years ago.  Thirty  two years of Islamic rule in Iran has proved that various factions of this regime are anti-people and undemocratic, and have the blood of freedom and justice seeking people on their hands. The Islamic Republic couldn’t and won’t  attempt to make any reform either. In contrary, it continues with exploitation of working people, and  violation of human rights and repression of any demands for democratic freedom and social justice justified under “national security”. This repressive and inhumane policy is taking place at the same time that the regime has ratified and is a signatory to the  “International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights”. However, the year 2010 has seen numerous  political prisoners being executed  on false charges without having access to a lawyer or a fair trail.

5 Kurdish political and human rights activists were executed on 9 May 2010  followed by further death penalties.

Tens of thousands of intellectuals, workers, students’ and women activists and even ethnic and religions minorities died in Iran during the 1980 to 1988 as a result of mass execution and torture. Following years have also continued with human rights violation, discriminatory laws and daily arrest, detention, torture and execution including Afghan residents.The Iranian people want to build a new and better world, a decent life in which the humans are not oppressed and humiliated on bases of gender, ethnic and religious differences and preferences.  It is impossible to achieve these under this medieval regime.   

The workers, students, lawyers, journalists, teachers, women and all other freedom and equality seeking people are systematically harassed, abused, arrested and jailed, or freed later on heavy bails. One recent example is the lawyer and activist Nasreen Sotoudeh who is detained and sentenced to 11 years prison term and 20 years exclusion from her job only for exercising her rights as a lawyer and freedom of speech.

According to a recent statement released by the Amnesty International:

“Lawyers have been the latest victims of this ongoing clampdown on human rights defenders and activists. In addition to Nasrin Sotoudeh, Mohammad Olyaeifard, a lawyer and board member of the Committee for the Defence of Political Prisoners in Iran, a human rights organization, is currently serving a one-year prison sentence for speaking out about the execution of one of his clients, a juvenile offender (see Iran urged to release lawyer imprisoned for criticizing juvenile's execution, 6 May 2010. 

On 23 November 2010, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navanetham Pillay, expressed concern for Nasrin Sotoudeh. She called her case part of a much broader crackdown on human rights defenders. The UN High Commissioner urged the Iranian authorities to review her case urgently and expedite her release. http://www.amnesty.org/en/library/asset/MDE13/007/2011/en/68de9b9e-082f-4155-a660-416e18028b65/mde130072011en.html

In Iran today, the ever more political and class polarizations reflects both the intensifying of the social and economic contradictions and crisis, and also the dilemma of Islamic Republic regime and various factions of the capitalist class over economic and political power and influence at domestic and international level.  However, on one side are the ruling powers, and on the other the masses of people who are coming  together to fight for their democratic rights and fundamental changes in political and social conditions.  They have risen up and are challenging the armed Islamic regime and its reactionary policies and violation of human rights such as torture, capital punishment (including young and children), stoning of women and attacking independent unions and associations and more. Our people are determined to overthrow this regime and thus  to bring about a bright future, freedom, democracy and socialism.   

We call on the world’s progressive forces and working people to express their opposition and protest and don’t let this murderous regime to commit further crimes. The Solidarity Committee with Iranian Workers’ Movement-Australia condemns the death penalty and any form of torture, and demand the perpetrators of violent crimes committed against people including the 2009 post-election political protesters in Iran are brought to justice. All political prisoners, and activists of labour movement must be released immediately &unconditionally. The Islamic regime must end repression, and abolish torture and execution forever.

Execution and torture must be abolished!

Political prisoners must be released!

Down with the Islamic Republic of Iran! 

Solidarity Committee with Iranian Workers’ Movement-Australia,

proletarianunite@gmail.com                                                                                                                                  21 January 2011

 تان عزیزتارنمای وطندار !  لطفاً نظرات، پیشنهادات، انتقادات، مقاله ها، نوشته ها، مضامین و مطالب علمی و تحلیلی خود را جهتِ نشر به ادرس پوست الکترونیکی سایت بفرستید