The massage of Engineer (Architect ) Hamed Yaqubi  (Farmand) the Leader of Human

 Genuineness  Organization Coalition about election of Afghanistan

The name of wise and justicer God ,

With respect to dear noble people of Afghanistan and to everyone who has intrest in Human Genuineness :

It is necessary I express some topic that you are  present under  current a sensitive decide situation and the enemies of our society try to bring a thought dispersion that you become doubt and hopelessness inflicted about yourselve decision making faith .

Election is one basicly situation that you can use your personality hope to choice of your and your society faith. You will do freedom and freely feeling and you choice with your select the progression programme of your society .

But you must try, till you wouldn´t mistake  to choice of the favourite

person. Self study, think and you use the power of your wisedom, till you can assess good choice recoqnize your favourite( with standard basicly benefit and effective to better making of living) person .

You try that you will not miss with any value your election chance, it is possible you  do mistake relatively at your decision one or two times, but you keep with this situation to yourselves this political system and this  freedom election chance and you will not allow decide for you any another person although he would be more wiser than you .

You can  complete your information about condidates from importial

persons and different sections and offices, but you save your favourite election chance for yourselves, till you vote to your favourite and suit condidate.

Who is the good condidate ?

1.This person must be dependent to self, namely knows self power for responsible of big post and all of respossibilities of republic presidental post. But he will not content to the power  and loyalty of other .

2.This person must have administrative colleagues, political, military, culture  and talent leadership of his/her Group, till the power of them can bring the society to benefit directions of self strategy .


3.This condidate must be brave, till he can stand against enemies and the threaters of country and the people and also defends from their conspiracies and bring fright to them and  gaurds with   dependece to faitfulness and helping from  the country and the people and feels about self people against any powerful accident, danger and event.


4.A good and desirable condidate must be wise , namely  good use  from self wise power and thought, till he/she can use necessary plan against problems and events and regulate the powers to defend and solve them, because the politic is the work of wise and affairs plans to basic of benefit the public.


5. A good condidate must know that where are going the World  and the progressive society of the World, till leads good the society to that direction and will not keep to back and makes harmony the society with World progress and also has initiative and innovation, because the new race leads and makes a happy live with new self idea and new scientific and thoughts.


6. A good condidate must know that is the servant of all the people of Afghanistan even if any  people or any group would not give vote for that, but when become success ,also has responssibility to serve to all people and even responssible for  life property and family of self opositions.


7.The condidate when reach to the post presinent, must feel that it has even nothing to do with himself and his family, but belongs to all people of Afghanistan and is the hope of all people, that speech must be the speech of the people and does any work, it must be the work of the people, act in any position, it introduces the position of the people and that power is the power of the people, the enemy of the people of Afghanistan is the enemy  and also the friend of our society is the friend of that.The condidate must be careful that can not relate personal with personalities, countries, groups, but it is the relation of the people of Afghanistan .


Therefore there must be an accord like these relations with prestige, honour, benefit and international prestige of our noble people.

8. A good condidate must bring the people at the same way and does not believe to help the persons, groups or foreigner countries , when has this ability that make the people accompany and fellow with self. There can not act any domestic or external power to those plans and decisions. When a good condidate attrac

the friendship and confidence of the people it can rescue with power of his/her own people  the people from events, dangers and enemities.


9.A  good candidate  must has for country and the people personally aim, plan, idea, thought and strategy with all side consider and study that the condidate speech with the people and bring the people in the field important decision, till they advertise clear the help to his/her decisions, but not determining  other persons, and other countries or groups of advisors to his/her  strategy programme and national plan.

The advisors must give the information of work and complete of information about the topics, but not the determine aim and strategy of the president .


10.A good condidate must try to select assistants himself, till choice expert clean and honest names and determine persons for service of the society and introduce them to the people, till it become to the society clear and open that the condidate will has success work team and the another side attract the confidence of the people for more  attraction of election .

The assistant of the president must has with him/her same idea and aim.


It is necessary that our oppressed people care seriously, till they will not go under effect satanic suggestings for total making of the people agent or loia gerga and like that and seriously refuse it, because this Group like this Group and even a powerful or wealthy  person or a foreigner country  and enemy of Afghanistan can consent with graft the majority of idiom agents even the numbers of them reach to 2000 or 3000 persons and deceive the people and divert the election concession decision with this treachery from the people and with this pretext that the election is impossible, hire and bring a few persons the title of agent and decision taker and will determine according their idea a person to the post of president.

They will spoil about election to this manner your freedom wise and thought and again put it under self monopoly like dark past times and this situation will be

the biggest treachery that perform about your privilege. It will consider a insult and contempt to all people  and it will take against this biggest chance that you have found for first time between the long period of date that you became enjoying and have reached to this political system and regime that all of  the people like a free and wise human can determine with vote and selection self fate and future and the society.


Dear candidates are suit for appreciate that participate for this important responssible post with confidence to self and dependence to self powerful and talent.

So a lot of persons will come with this aim and hope to the field of election that they can rescue their society from this misery and bleeding, but it is possible some of the candidates have plan at the first time that will go to benefit the real candidate and will give their votes and opinions that belong to them.

These situation became the cause of dispersion at the votes and elections of the people and it will cancel indirectly the thought of freedom, hope freedom and the selection from the people Group, first attract some condidates about self and self programmes and do hopeful some people about self and self programmes with show to better future and after will calculate these choices of the people nothing and give it according self idea to another candidate.

Although it is possible for this group of people will not been basicaly satisfied to another candidate and the second selection of them would be another person.This situation is not suit for rank of aiming persons .

Therefore our noble people must care and restraint theirselves to vote for these kind of candidates. It is better for the people to care  to decisive resolved and real candidates and voting  for that candidate has more possibility, till can do the big post of presidency.

The another topic it is for reminder that dear all people must support with one voice and their power for the candidate who succeeds. That will get the majority votes even if this candidate will not under interest some people and has not given votes to the succeed condidate .

It is not necessary that the rival personalities and groups that they will defeat at election take against way and enemity to the succeed condidate plan but it is suit and necessary, till the opposition support and help the succeed condidate, till can solve the problems of the country and the people and they can also get

 confidence and better fame between the people and society  , with these manners. they will can test their chance with more popularity at future election

and also hope from present Government that will perform self holy job about doing a free , lucid and best election and transfer the Government to selected

President without any expectation and pressure and will use honestly self power and ability and the supporters to Sovereignty and the Govenment of the new selected president and they will put good name in the country history.


Everyone must know that the support of national benefit and peace is the job and responssibility everyone without  care to political, material, group and personal benefits.

We will also declarate our seriously support from personality that consider proportional at this candidate more than other the mentioned conditions.


To hope this we solve the problems of our society and God

will become satisfied with our actions

                  that it is serve to Human society.


                                                              With regards


   Hamed Yaqubi ( Farmand )

email: human_ge_or@hotmail.com / esalateensan@yahoo.com
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