Why HPC trying to Defame Turkmenistan

By: Nazar Mohammad Mutmaeen

Writer and Analysts

Since long time the Turkmenistan expectations to do something for Afghan Nations, to support Afghanistan and practically show their love and interest with Afghan Nations.

After Taliban (Agha Jan Motasim) and HPC (High Peace Council) conference in Dubai, it is reported the next peace conference would be in Turkmenistan.

In the last month of 2012, Turkmenistan was agreed and ready to organize peace talk conference in Ashqabad, it was agreed Taliban, Hezb e Islami (Hekmatyar) Afghan Gov and Afghan Political parties representatives will participate in the Conference.

There were two important peace conferences in 2012, Peace and Reconciliation Conference (27th Jun 2012) in Doshisha University, Tokyo, Japan and Peace talk Conference (18th Dec 2012) near to Paris City, France, the Taliban, Gov, Hezb e Islami, North Alliance and Afghan Political Parties representatives participated in mentioned conferenced.

The representatives of Taliban (QATAR Office) present their requirements/demand to International community, during the Paris Conference Taliban had a short side meeting with North Alliance, and such kind of side meetings embarrassed the Karzai Gov on that time, after Paris Conference Mr. Younas Qanooni (First Vice President, Ex-PM) and Mr. Muhaqiq (PM) stated positive statement regarding Taliban in Kabul.

UNAMA Ė Kabul was in process to organize peace and reconciliation conference in Turkmenistan, Taliban, Hezb e Islami, North Alliance and other political parties agreed to participate in the conference, Taliban introduced their 4 representatives (2 from Qatar & 2 others), UN representative meet with Taliban Representatives in Dubai on that time, Afghan Gov accepted to introduce the Gov and HPC representatives to UN. And the spokesman of MoFA   informed media regarding the Turkmenistan Conference on that time.

Taliban successfully had a positive achievement from the Paris Conference, and informed Int. Community about the conspiracy of Afghan Gov regarding the Peace program, Taliban said the HPC peace program is proud, waste of time and without result, so President Karzai closed the door of such kind int. Conferences.

On 29 Jan 2013, Pres-Karzai officially announced, Afghan Gov will not allow officials to attend peace relative conferences outside the country, Int. community with consultation of HPC should arrange their peace talks programs inside Afghanistan, said Karzai.

What happened? In the end of the Pres-Karzai Gov, Afghan Gov talking about the cheated Peace conferences, sometime in Dubai, sometime in Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other countries.

What happened? Afghan Gov and HPC stopped peace conference in Turkmenistan a year ago, but now

Gov stated there will be peace talks with Taliban in Turkmenistan, those Taliban, sometime Gov calling them as a Mediator Taliban Group, sometime saying leadership of Taliban, sometime saying Ex-strongest important Taliban, sometime calling the active and significant members of Taliban, and sometime saying those beloved Taliban are in contact with HPC and Afghan Government.

Turkmenistan recognized with UN as disinterested and impartial Gov in 2005, still Turkmenistan kept the disinterested policy according the Afghanistan Political issues, but would like to support Afghanistan in Economic portion, so Turkmenistan rather the implementation of the Gas Pipe Line project to India from Afghanistan instead of Iran.

Turkmenistan had a very good relation with Taliban Gov on that time, and donít want to damage it in the future.

The people of the Turkmenistan are originally Turkish, and had a good relation with Turkey, both Turkey and Taliban presently has a good relation to each other, and trying to broad it in the future.

It is reported that the Afghan Gov would like to send Mullah Agha Jan Motasim to Turkmenistan, and he will be activated as a mediator between Taliban and Gov from Turkmenistan.

It is surprising, a few months ago HPC and Present Gov said, each peace relative issues should be inside the country, and tried to prevent opening of the Taliban Representative office in QATAR, Opening of the QATAR office is the division of the Country, said HPC and Karzai

Few months ago Afghan Gov and HPC tried to open an office in Dubai to called Taliban, who are in close contact with Government, but canít, Muwlawi Abdul Raqib Ex-Minister of Taliban sacrificed of the plan, Agha Jan Motasim went to prison in UEA, and his companionships escaped from UEA.

Afghan Gov also tried before Dubai called Taliban Conference, to open office to called Taliban in  Turkey or Saudi Arabia, but canít, Bcz Turkey donít want to have a problem with genuine Taliban in the future. Same UEA and Saudi Arabia know that the damage of relation with Taliban in not useful.

Turkmenistan is the only disinterested Country regarding the Afghanistan peace issues, my understanding is that, Afghan Gov want to close only remain peace door in Turkmenistan, the peace doors already closed in Turkey, UEA, Saudi Arabia and Qatar due to incorrect policy of the Afghan Government.

Without participant of the representatives of Geneon Taliban each kind of peace conference, everywhere particularly in Turkmenistan would be without result.

Staying of Agha Jan Motasim in Turkmenistan with support of Afghan Gov will be not valuable for him and peace relative issues, it is better to keep this door open (Turkmenistan) till coming the time of real peace.

Turkmenistan had a close relation with Turkey, and Turkish officials know better regarding the HPC activities, to fill their pocket from Dollars, I think Turkmenistan will not accept the Afghan Gov deceiver demands, and Turkmenistan will act very carefully in this sensitive issue, present Gov is not the Afghanistan representative Gov, if Turkmenistan dealing with called US poppet Gov, so it might damage the relation of Turkmenistan and Afghan Nations in the future.

Cold war is started between USA, Europe and Russia in Ukraine, Afghan Gov has support of USA, USA and Europe will try to get vengeance from Russia by using the Afghanistan Earth, in such sensitive situation it is important that Turkmenistan (has natural resources and good economic progress) will act carefully, and will try to not sacrifice of the cold war of USA and Russia



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