Abdullah's protests and Ghani's silence: What is next?

By: Nazar Mohammad Mutmaeen

Writer and Analyst

The US Ambassador To Afghanistan stated, Karzai will transfer Political power to upcoming president on 2nd Aug, 2014, European Commotion stated on 2nd day of turnaround election, and certified the election process, NATO & ISAF also stated their support from the 2nd round election, UNAMA-Kabul said, Afghan Election was a good step for Democracy, Neighborhood countries are silent, America supported and supporting election & its results, would like to transfer Political power from Karzai to upcoming president.

Qayum Karzai Brother of President Karzai with Ashraf Ghani, his next bother Mahmood Karzai joined with Abdullah Abdullah (AA), Sibghatullah Mojaddedi with Ghani, his brother Hashmat Mojaddedi with AA, Sayyid Ahmed Gailani with Ghani, his Nephew Ishaq Gailani with AA, His daughter Fatima Gailani with Ghani and His daughter in law Fatana Gailani Joined with AA.

Ahmad Zia Massoud with Ghani, his Brother Ahmad Wali Massoud with AA, Haji Din Mohammad with Ghani, his brother Nasrullah with AA, Fizan with Ghani, his best friend (ALP Project 1st members) with AA. Advisor Minister Sabawoon with Ghani, his Party and his Party senior member & PM Malim Mirwali with AA, Juma Khan Hamdard & Akbar Barakzai the executive council members of Hezb e Islmai (Kabul) with Ghani, other 20members of Heb e Islami with AA, Qutuddin Helal & Khalid Farooqi also with Ghani, familiar commander & PM Almas & PM TaraKhail with Ghani, but PM Awal Gul with AA, a group of Hazar tribe by leadership of Karim Khalili with Ghani, a group of Hazara by leadership of Muhaqiq with AA, a group of Uzbek by leadership of Dostum with Ghani, a group of Uzbek by leadership of Ibrahimi (Head of Parliament) joined with AA, 

Both AA & Ghani were members of Karzai Team in last 12years, equal parties & Political persons joined with them in Kabul and Provinces, same structure of the Afghan Security Forces, joined equally with mentioned candidates.

Gul Agha Zherzai got USD 5 Million from AA by mediation of Ishaq Gailani, Zalmai Rassoul didnít received an amount, both (1st round candidates) joined only with their big names with AA, Majority of their followers joined with Ghani.

Qayum Karzai said: Ghani donít had money, evidently looked AA would be winner, but joined with Ghani due to his peace plan.

Qazi Amin Waqad worn out and asking people, are you voted to Democracy? Or something else (donít know what his mean was? might be Islam or Communism?), People clapping and saying we are voted to Democracy, Qazi Amin forgot the time that he was Jihadist and lived in Pakistan as a refugee.

Interesting sentences of Juma Khan Humdard: I donít have interest with Political plan of Ghani, and donít like him, as I dislike North Alliance, so joined with Ghani.

Sayyaf looks angry, but trying to mediate between Ghani & AA, to have mutual understanding among the two candidates.

Iran, Pakistan, India and might be some other countries supported economically AA in the 1st round of Elec, AA distributed sufficient money.

Ramzan Bashardost PM said: Ex-head of IEC Mr. Manawi Fraud 1.5 Million votes in Election system for AA, in runaround Ziaul Haq Amarkhail can remove 1 Million votes from system, 0.5 M left.

Ukraine, Syria issues & exchange of Taliban prisoners were a good luck to Ghani, also lastly Iraq issue, USA supported Ghani, due to threaten alarm from Iran, India and Russia.

Saudi Arabia, UAE & Qatar was not quiet, due to infiltration of Iran in Afghanistan, they have Shiite and Salafi problematical issues, have rivalry to each other in different countries.  Iran is ahead in Afghanistan.

Unconfirmed reports: Saudi Arabia & Qatar supported Ghani in 2nd round elec, and received USD 100 Million.

Both Ghani & AA fraud in runaround elec, Ghani had support of Pres-Karzai, and had too much money, AA defeated, he spent too much money in 1st round. And bought candidates, not people and elders of the community. Ghani bought during runaround election elders, security forces staff even observers & supervisors of AA in Polling stations.

Ghani supporters can and succeed to contact with local Taliban, and got confidence of them, to not disturb elec and let people to go to Polling stations.

Ghani supporters strongly stated, published and had propaganda, if Panjshiri People (AA) come in power this time, Pashton would be their servant for next 300 years.

AA said in his campaign gatherings, I am Pashton, but it was a question with people? His 1st VP is Pashton, and 2nd VP is Hazara, so there is no Tajik, and basically he talked about the right of Tajik.

Bothe camps had fraud according their ability & Power, Ghani camp fraud systematically, but AA camp fraud by power with foolish and lese knowledge.

On 2nd round elec day, before counting of votes, both candidates endorsed elec, and said, it was good, when votes counted, candidates received info, AA votes were less than Ghani, suddenly AA stated the election process is under question.

If AA claimed regarding fraud in Elec, before elec day or counting of votes, it was OK, after counting of votes, accusation on Ziaul Haq Amarkhail and claim of fraud, looks like he is failed and trying to create problems, it was good if he boycott with IEC before going to 2nd round, till his terms and requirements accepted by IEC.

Amarkhail given resign, it was good, Ghani camp, Amarkhail and Karzai know, AA wants to muddy water and capture fishes, so Amarkhai resigned and welcomed by Karzai and Ghani Camp.

AA supporters placed tents in Kabul City, there were a few young person inside tents, AA planned big protests, they tried their best to collect people for demonstration, but canít, at about 3000 persons gathered only, even they collected & given money to beggars & labors,

Gul Agha Seirzai went to Gemany, Zalmai Rawsoul and Mahmood Karzai set silent, AAís 1st VP Eng. Mohammad Khan agreed with ex-Hezb e Islami members to be quit, only Shilgarai remain, and coming to media, it was another attack on AA & Stubborn his camp.

AA hope Ghani will deal with him to bring changes in Institution, and make him as a Prime Minister, or given to him 6 Ministries and a number of Provinces, also requesting his spent money during election.

Equal to Prime Minister Position already given to Ahmad Zaia Massoud, and Ghani donít have such amount that spent by AA, Ghani also saying, AA didnít spent money from his own pocket, it was given by Iran, Pakistan and India.

Deal on power is passible, USA & International community trying, to make agree both on power sharing, but Ghaniís 1st VP Dostum, Juma Khan Hamdard and some others will be disagreeing.

AA & his supporters will try their best to plan big protest, and will try to disorder the situation, but it is clear Political power will be transferred on 2nd Aug, 2014 to new president. Seems Ghani is the winner, and he will go to ARG (Presidential Office), there is minor possibility, if AA can to convince International Community, and can to have changes in the result, means to Quarantine some boxes of Ghani, or select new head of secretariat of IEC from the group of AA, so in this case might be a chance for AA to enter to ARG, but seems difficult, would not be acceptable to Ghaniís Group.



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