Press release of NU&AABF in relation to the Zionists’ crimes in Gaza

In the name of Allah most merciful and compassionate


August 11th, 2014


The brutal crimes of Israel that caused the death and injury causalities of thousands of civilians especially children and women awaked the conscience of people all around the world and people all around the world through demonstrations and gatherings showed their hatred to this Zionistic action and their crime partner USA.


NU&AABF (National Unity & Anti American Bases Front)  based upon the following reasons calls this action of Israel and its allies a crime and cruelty against humanity and demands the trial of leaders of Israel in war crimes courts:


·         Israel’s attacks to Gaza caused the destruction of a big part of this city. Meanwhile the usage of prohibited weapons on the oppressed and undefended Palestinian is a clear cruelty that takes place in the eyes of the world and isn’t coverable.

·         The target killing of woman and children is the second clear target of Israel after targeting Hamas’s fighters which very clearly is the indicator of genocide by Israel and the world community should observe it too very impartially as genocide of Gaza.

·         Attacking the residence area and places announced as peace zone by United Nations shows the carelessness of Israel to internationally accepted standards. The ground for this carelessness is that world community and especially the United Nations has never shown a reaction to the brutal crimes of Israel which resulted the motivation of Israel for more cruelty and United Nations has almost lost its trust in awaked Muslim communities. It is mentionable that the three week attack of Israel to Gaza in the year 2008 killed 1300 Palestinian and Israel was considered guilty for the killing of people of Gaza, but USA’s support to Israel caused to show the real report of United Nations under the chairmanship of Richard Goldston unimportant while Richard Goldston was a Jewish and very impartially considered Israel for the cruelty in Gaza.

·         The undefended people of Gaza for many years are living in surrender of Israel and Egypt and this condition can be called as “silent genocide”. Gaza is now a prison for its inhabitant and should come out of this condition and the land and naval surrender of Gaza by Israel and Egypt should come down without any condition.

·         We condemn the intentional silence of some of the Islamic countries on the cruelty of Zionist regime against Gaza. We want from all Islamic countries to use all their sources to stop the Zionist cruelty and its American supporters against the people of Palestine and should use all means to bring these criminals to international courts.

·         The Muslim and Mujahed people of Afghanistan with unconditional support to the legitimate want of Palestinian and especially Mujahed people of Gaza wants the recognition of Palestine’s government by all Islamic countries and meanwhile wants the opening of embassy of Palestine in all Islamic countries.

 The End

Declaration of NU&AABF about the second round of Election

 In the name of Allah most merciful and compassionate

August 11th, 2014


From the registration to the campaign process this is now the sixth month of Afghanistan’s election and still the result is not clear. Afghanistan is passing through a very dangerous political crisis and the impact of this is very clear to the economic and security condition of the country.


From the other side, a special report of USA to Afghanistan shows that the money spent by USA and its allies in the last twelve years is more than the total financial budget spent for the reconstruction of sixteen (16) countries after the Second World War.


They are all the indicators that a country which doesn’t have peace and stability and unless peace and stability is not in the priority of the government, neither economic development is possible in that country nor the votes of people can bring the country out of difficulties.


NU&AABF (National Unity & Anti American Bases Front) through a declaration before the process of election made clear that election in war and instability would take the country towards more crises. We constantly warned that negative consequences of election would cause ethnical separation in the country. Our demand instead of election was that temporary government composed of trustworthy individuals involved in the process should come into existence and should provide ground for talks between Afghans. After the ending of war this government would pave the way for election in the country otherwise signing the security agreement and the presence of foreign troops will only help the continuation of war inside the country.


Now that the election has come to the dilemma and the light of betterment is also not imaginable, USA with the repudiation of constitution and votes of people wants to impose a government of its own wants in Afghanistan.


We once again make clear that whatsoever the result of inspection of votes is wouldn’t take the country out of crises and the so called National Unity Government isn’t anything more than a mafia compromise for a very weak government and negative struggle for the power.


NU&AABF once more emphasizes that the solution of the current problems is establishment of temporary government that would struggle for peace talks. Separating the clean (legal) votes from the dirty (illegal) ones would be an unsuccessful effort and this illegitimate and deceptive process will never be legitimated and the current crises will not come the end point.


The End




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