5 Years of European Left


Blitzlicht aus dem Geburtstagsvideo der EL




The Party of the European Left has grown up and become a significant actor on the political scene", states Lothar Bisky, the chairman of the European Left.

On 9 May 2004 the Party of the European Left was founded in Rome. 5 years later, the proposals contained in the common electoral platform exemplify that the European Left can change European politics concretely. The participation of the European Left, for instance at peaceful demonstrations against the attack of the welfare state and against NATO, for instance, show that it is more than an umbrella organisation for its member parties. A common electoral campaign in the run-up to the elections to the European Parliament is currently under way. "I am very confident" says Lothar Bisky "that a large number of deputies from the European Left will join the GUE/NGL group in the next European Parliament."



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