Honduras coup condemned in Ibero-American Summit


"Hondurenos, we are all brothers, let us seek unity"

The 19th Ibero-Latin American Summit, happening in Portugal, ended yesterday with a final declaration on Honduras’ situation. The country grabbed superior attention during the meeting as many leaders feared that recognizing the election would be equivalent to accepting the coup.

After one day of hard discussions, the heads of State and Government have finally taken an official position disapproving last June's coup in Honduras and condemning “the unacceptable and serious violations of the rights and basic freedoms of the Honduran people”. But they avoided passing judgment on an election held there on Sunday, which many countries have discarded as illegitimate.

“In this context, they considered that the reinstatement of President Jose Manuel Zelaya to the position for which he was democratically elected for, until the term of its mandate, is a basic step for a return  to constitutional normality”, affirms the same text. 

All Ibero-American countries (Latinamerica, Portugal, Spain and Andorra) originally condemned the coup which ousted President Manuel Zelaya and demanded his reinstatement in office. However in the past week Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Peru following the United States, announced that they would recognize the results of Sunday's elections, creating a rift in the region.

Fourteen heads of state attended the summit but Latin America's leftist regimes had a lowered profile at the summit with further absences of Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega, Bolivia's Evo Morales, Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and Raul Castro of Cuba.

The official theme of this year’s summit was "Innovation and Knowledge," as it prepared to discuss ways to promote new technologies in Latin America.

Besides the Honduran issue, the representatives gathered in the summit discussed other present problems that affect Europe and Latin America such as the international financial crisis and the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference.

The next Ibero-Latin American Summit will take place in Argentina, in 2010.



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