EL congratulates newly elected president José Mujica!

The EL working group on Latin America, congratulates the people of Uruguay, the Frente Amplio and its candidate José Mujica, now elected President of Uruguay. This victory strengthens the success of the dynamic achieved by the forces of the Left in Latin America for years.

With 52% of votes, the Frente Amplio progresses in votes and percentage, thus improving the results obtained during the 2004 presidential elections. It defeats the right with a difference of more than 7 points.

Uruguay is a country which wrote a long history of the unity of the Left. The Left came together by forming a political party, the Frente Amplio, in which the participating parties share a history forged during the harsh years of military dictatorship.

After the progress made during the first government of Frente Amplio, the second term, which will begin in March 2010, will continue and improve the policies that have helped to reduce poverty and inequality.

Major challenges will be addressed particularly in the social, infrastructure and economic development. The Party of the European Left renews its solidarity and wishes success in the coming period for Frente Amplio and joins the joy of the people of Uruguay

Working group of Latin America



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