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President Donald Trump Heads of the Western world, Leaders of the Countries Neighboring Afghanistan, Leaders of the nations in the region and around the


    Extreme Security measures in Kabul to Avoid Aggression

Since Nov. 30th 2014, there are extreme security measures taken in Kabul City, there are various security staff of different security departments in every circle, and they check civilians in such a deeply way that I have not seen it earlier. They drop civilians from the vehicles that

 Free Market Economy in Afghanistan

The free market economy all of a sudden emerged during 2001.  The phenomenon has been differently interpreted by the investors and the people as exploiter and exploited

Critical review of Afghan Presidential Election 2014

The free and fair presidential and parliamentary elections in any country represents the democratic institutionalizat ion and people reign.  The large masses vote to select their rules and him/her countable for all his/her polities

    Taliban and Al-Qaida: Future Relations and Political Activities

two different sensitive stages.  Al-Qaida was founded in the wake of the invasion of the Red Army, trained, shaped and developed into a major organization under several different

Declaration of NU&AABF about the second round of Election

Afghanistan’s election and still the result is not clear. Afghanistan is passing through a very dangerous political crisis and the impact of this is very clear to the economic and security condition of the

Latest Political situation and threatens

lawful ways for getting of the rights, Obama informed AA don’t go to conflicts to make the  sensitive situation, if you are announcing parallel Gov, America will stop Economic and security assistanceWilliam Hague warn both candidates to have

Abdullah's protests and Ghani's silence: What is next?

The US Ambassador To Afghanistan stated, Karzai will transfer Political power to upcoming president on 2nd Aug, 2014, European Commotion stated on 2nd day of turnaround election, and certified the election process, NATO & ISAF also stated

 Attack on Indian Consulate was planned in Pakistan- Per-Karzai

The President Karzai problematical statement in problematical situation, he said attack on Indian consulate in Herat done by Lashkar e Taiba Party of Pakistan.In the view of issue, Karzai statement in this time, since long time

The Peace and Security Referendum & Election, Choice for Dr. Ashraf Ghani

Since long time the Turkmenistan expectations to do something for Afghan Nations, to support Afghanistan and practically show their love and interest with Afghan

  The Peace and Security Referendum & Election, Choice for Dr. Ashraf Ghani

Political analysts considered the April, 5th 2014 presidential Election as the Peace and Security Referendum, some analysts said the election was a referendum regarding the 12year Gov of Karzai, means many candidates talked and had the peace and

Death of Marshal Fahim in delicate and sensitive situation  

After Ahmadshah Masoud , Marshal Fahim was a leading and very important person for North Alliance. He had both, military and political knowledge, Masoud did an important services to North Alliance, and made it stronger and well known group on

  Statement of General Session of Human Genuineness Organization Coalition

Considering the social and political condition of the country and the essential needs of our honorable nation the Human Genuineness Organization

about election of Afghanistan   Hamed Yaqubi  (Farmand)

The name of wise and justicer God ,

With respect to dear noble people of Afghanistan and to everyone who has intrest in Human Genuineness :

  Analysis of “CIA World Factbook” (1981-2012): Dimensions of anti-Pashtun Conspiracy

The above Pashto couplet points to the fate of the ancient Pashtun nation stretched between Oxus  in the north and Indus in the south and  reflecting historic trade and invasion routs. The battle between the former Silk-istan and current Pipeline-istan is

Programm der Volkspartei Afghanistan

Vor mehr als 110 Jahren ereignete sich in unserem Land etwas Beispielloses, das einen Übergang von der historischen Starrheit zum modernen Leben ermöglichte, und zwar die Formierung sozialer Bewegungen um politische Ziele. Zum ersten Mal lernte die afghanische Bevölkerung Gedanken wie

Problems and Solutions         Seddiq Rahpoe Tarzi

This is the  environment, and the surroundings in which we are living, puts profound effect on shaping of our body, color, and features of face, and  even our nervous system. In the other words, we are product of geography situation and condition in

    We and Modernism                                 Seddiq Rahpoe Tarzi

Enlightenment, the Foundation of  Modernity  The question of political thoughts are separated in two contexts. Certainly the one is the world of despotism  in which a small minority, like shepherds, herd the others. In this structure the best people are


Afghan history has been colored with courage, honor and national heroes. These national gains have been celebrated throughout Afghan history and continue to serve the social and historical benchmarks of the Afghan Nation. These national symbols and social and historical


Afghanistan has been torn by war for more than 30 years. At least 70% of the population was born after the Soviet invasion in 1979 and has lived under war. Millions have spent many years as refugees in Pakistan and Iran, and hundreds of thousands are still internally displaced. In recent years, thousands of young Afghans have chosen to migrate abroad because of the prevailing insecurity and the absence o

   CSHRO Statement on the occasion of Chicago North Atlantic

On May 20th and 21st the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit will be organized in Chicago. The summit will be hosted by    the president of the United State. Important issues such as the Arab Spring, the issue of Libya, the international economic crisis and the issue of Afghanistan are core topics of Chicago summit. Therefore international attentions have been oriented toward Chicago  

 Truth Subcontracted--When

The recent incident at Bagram Airbase involving the burning of the Holy Koran has exhibited the return on the US’s investment in Afghanistan. This is the legacy in part of subcontracting the truth to the so-  

Khalilzad: A Satan Whispering in the Hearts of Men    

“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster.” (German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche: 1844-1900)Few days ago, Zalmay Khalilzad invited some tribal elder in Kabul to secure their allegiance in the event that he nominates himself as a candidate in the next Presidential election in 2014.  Fortsetzung

The Moral Degradation of Western Alliance in Afghanistan

Since the invasion of Afghanistan in October 2001, the Western alliance has shown its ugliness through horrendous forms of murders and despicable war crimes including use of illegal weapons. However, the true face of the Western alliance and their moral degradation emerged with the passage of every day especially when the insurmountable  and unreported losses of the US and her allies fail to make it to the official tallies in Fortsetzung


This analysis will present a well argued case that the history of British Empire has been rather callous to the fate of Pashtuns and Balochs. I hope my expose will contribute to a constructive discussion in political and intellectual arena about the future of unfortunate Balochs and Pashtuns, who Fortsetzung


The sociopolitical experimentation in Afghanistan that has begun on October 7, 2001under the guise of democracy has deprived Afghans of their basic human rights and slaughtered countless. This catastrophe was facilitated and continues through a symbiotic relationship between US-NATO and criminal elements Fortsetzung-


Brussels-New York-Moscow-based EastWest Institute is “a global think tank” founded in the 1980, at a time when globalization was taking off. Its mission is (a) to “focus on the most pressing challenges facing global peace and security” and (b) to “forge collective action for a safer and betterFortsetzung

Dr. Sayed Nasir Ahmad, UMCN, Nederland.

Afghanistan is al meer dan 30 jaar door de oorlog verscheurd waarbij verschillende factoren een belangrijke rol hebben gespeeld. Afghanistan is eerst door communistisch Rusland, vervolgens doorFortsetzung

   Historical Briefs: July, 2011

A Question of War Crimes:

Human rights lawyers in the United Kingdom and Pakistan are seeking arrest warrants for a former CIA Legal Director for approving drone strikes that killed hundreds of non-combatants. John Rizzo, who Fortsetzung.

 by Shukoor Zardushtian (Mar 30, 2011)

Editorial Reviews

Product Description

For years, many have debated the relationship between religion and politics. In Secularism in Afghanistan, author Shukoor Zardushtian directs the discussion Fortsetzung

THE UGLY SCARS OF COLONIALISM/ COVER LETTER          By    Dr. Rahmat  Rabi  Zirakyar

A great global awakening is upon us. Our mission is to remove the ugly scars of colonialism.  The area known in the West as the Middle East, burns from populist outrage. Inattentive governments and residual dictatorships from the colonial period enjoying ostentatious lifestyle and disdaining the welfare of common citizens of their respective countries have Fortsetzung

  THE UGLY SCARS  OF COLONIALISM    By    Dr. Rahmat  Rabi  Zirakyar

This analysis will present a well argued case that the history of British Empire has been rather callous to the fate of Pashtuns and Balochs. I hope my expose will contribute to a constructive discussion in political and intellectual arena about the future of unfortunate Balochs and Pashtuns, who are ready to be part of the vision of a fair and Fortsetzung

  New Year celebrations Nowruz Day

European Campaign for Human Rights in Afghanistan (ECHRA)

Our Nowruz celebration went extremely well as it started with greeting and welcoming the guests, traditional songs and music from Nadir Zirak which allowed a few of our youths to get up and dance..  Fortsetzung

I   n condemnation of the regime of torture and execution in Iran!

 Iranian people continue to protest against the Islamic Republic - a dictatorial and repressive regime, a regime, which in thirty two years of its rule has not respected the basic rights of the people of Iran while responding to any protest with bullets, torture, executions and imprisonment.  To cover up the massive financial pressure imposed      Fortsetzung


Respected….! I wish you long life to help your Afghan brothers in need.

Manawi [Head of the election commission] did what Rabani, Fahim, Abdullah and Qanooni had planed, and he surpassed their predecessor [Ahmad Shah] Massoud. They      Fortsetzung

To the Nation of the World on “Meaning of Holly Book “Quraan

Dear Excellency

 Ban Kemon, the Secretary-General Director of UNISCO and the Director of UN Human Rights!

Hamid Karzai the President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan!

Afghanistan-Konferenz ohne Abzugstermin

Mit einem sogenannten Strategiewechsel will der Westen Stabilität ins zerrüttete Afghanistan bringen und auf einen Abzug der ausländischen Truppen hinarbeiten. Acht Jahre nach dem Sturz der Taliban geht die afghanische Regierung auch wieder auf die Radikalislamisten zu.


16. Wiener Flüchtlingsball

Der Flüchtlingsball 2010 ist ausverkauft! Für all jene, die keine Karten mehr bekommen haben, gibt es erstmals die Möglichkeit des "Kleinen Flüchtlingsball" am 13. Februar im OST-Klub. (Mehr Informationen Link rechts!). Fortsetzung

Trotz alledem zu Rosa                           Von Claudia Wangerin

Bei Wind und Schnee beteiligten sich am Sonntag in Berlin mehrere zehntausend Menschen am »stillen Gedenken« für die vor 91 Jahren ermordeten Revolutionäre Karl Liebknecht und Rosa Luxemburg. An der Gedenkstätte der Sozialisten     Fortsetzung


Europa verändern!                                        Von  Helmut Scholz

Es ist bereits eine Tradition: An der alljährlichen Ehrung für Rosa Luxemburg und Karl Liebknecht im Januar in Berlin nehmen auch die SpitzenvertreterInnen der Mitglieds- und Beobachterparteien der Partei der Europäischen Linken (EL) teil. So auch am Wochenende. Fortsetzung

LL-Demo in Berlin

Über den vor 95 Jahren vom deutschen Imperialismus entfesselten I. Weltkrieg, den zu kreditieren Karl Liebknecht sich am 02. Dezember 1914 als einziger Reichstagsabgeordnete  Fortsetzung

Mehrheit der US-Amerikaner lehnt Krieg am Hindukusch ab

In ihrem Artikel vom 24. Dezember über die Auflehnung der US-Amerikaner gegen den Afghansitan-Krieg schrieb die Tageszeitung “Neues Deutschland”     Fortsetzung

Freispruch kassiert

  Der Prozeß um den Tod des afrikanischen Asylbewerbers Oury Jalloh in einer Dessauer Polizeizelle muß neu aufgerollt werden. Das hat der Bundesgerichtshof (BGH) in Karlsruhe am Donnerstag entschieden. Der BGH hob den Freispruch     Fortsetzung

Interview mit Evo Morales zum Thema Kapitalismus und Klimaschulden

Gestern haben Sie hier, im Bella-Center, eine Rede gehalten. Sie sagten, wir könnten die globale Erwärmung nicht stoppen, ohne den Kapitalismus zu beenden.   Fortsetzung

Friedensblockade                               Von Werner Pirker

Einen Tag vor dem ersten Jahrestag des Beginns der israelischen Kriegshandlungen gegen die Bevölkerung des Gaza-Streifens hat Israel wieder einmal mit brutalen Gewaltaktionen auf sich aufmerksam gemacht.   Fortsetzung

Holiday reading: the latest AAN Blogs

First of all the Afghanistan Analysts Network would like to wish you a happy and relaxing holiday season and - most of all - a more peaceful 2010. Although things do not look well, we continue to hope and work for a better future for Afghanistan  Fortsetzung



Gaza-Friedensmarsch - die Grenzen öffnen !

12.12.2009:  Fast ein Jahr ist mittlerweile seit dem barbarischen Bombardement des Gaza-Streifens durch Israel vergangen. Not und Elend, Unterversorgung und      Fortsetzung


Fidel Castro Ruz                      DER ANSCHLUSS KOLUMBIENS AN DIE USA

 Jeder normal informierter Mensch begreift sofort, dass jenes süßlich formulierte



Afghanistan: Kriegsbeteiligung objektiv nicht angemessen

Nach der Entscheidung des Bundestages, das ISAF-Mandat um weitere 12 Monate zu verlängern, erklärt Christine Buchholz, Mitglied des geschäftsführenden Parteivorstandes DIE LINKE:Fortsetzung

Unterschiedliche Wahlprozesse in Lateinamerika

Zu den Wahlen in Honduras erklärt Helmut Scholz, MdEP und Mitglied des Parteivorstandes:

Am vergangenen Sonntag fanden in Lateinamerika parallel zwei Wahlen statt, wie sie unterschiedlicher nicht hätten ausfallen können:Fortsetzung

Entschädigung für Luftangriff-Opfer

Drei Millionen Euro vorgesehen

Afghanische Politiker begrüßen den Willen der Bundesregierung, die Opfer des Angriffs auf zwei Tanklaster bei Kundus zu entschädigen. Oppostion sieht Minister Guttenberg durch die Affäre beschädigt Fortsetzung

Triumph der Armen                   Von Benjamin Beutler

Wie hier in Cochabamba feierten die Anhänger von Evo Morales im ganzen Land: Fortsetzung

 مدیر مسوول : انجنیر هما یوسفی

صاحب امتیاز : انجنیرنجیب یوسفی

کليه ی حقوق بر اساس قوانين کپی رايت  محفوظ و متعلق به «وطندار» می باشد